Cool fonts and cool typefaces from ULGA Type

A cool-lection of cool fonts

What defines a cool font? Is it a design that’s hip and trendy? Cool fonts vary depending on personal preferences and design trends. A font’s coolness can also depend on the context in which it’s used and the design it complements. As design trends are evolving all the time, what’s considered a cool font one year may suddenly look dated before you can say fashionable font.

So, if you need a cool font or two for a project, take a look at these picks from ULGA Type’s library.

Kingwick Big Boots font

Soho in London has always been a cool place; it’s one of the capital’s most (in)famous, diverse and eclectic areas. And Kingwick Big Boots is the perfect cool font to reflect its audacious, vibrant spirit.

Kingwick Big Boots is a bold, semi-condensed display font that features flared serifs and a generous contrast between thick and thin strokes.

Packed to the gills with alternatives, swash caps and ligatures, plus a set of small caps, this is a font that knows how to mix business and pleasure. The design combines classic English elegance with modern vibes, a sprinkle of fun and a cheeky pinch of nostalgic Soho style. Imagine a bunch of quiff-haired teddy boys and brightly coloured punks holding a swash-off outside Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club – cool font, daddio.

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Kingwick Big Boots is a cool font with flared serifs and a generous contrast between thick and thin strokes

Rahere Esoteric font

If you’re into gothic culture (two of my favourite bands are the legendary Fields of the Nephilim and Paradise Lost), steampunk, mysticism or paganism, Rahere Esoteric qualifies as a cool font in a gothic, other-worldly way.

It revels in its mystical aura, using a bewildering array of ligatures to magically transmute itself as characters loop, curl, jerk and strut, randomly connecting and disconnecting into words. Like a retro-futuristic steam train clattering along a disused railway track, Rahere Esoteric challenges, mystifies and delights the reader at the same time.

#coolfont #gothicfont #esoteric #ligatures

Rahere Esoteric is a cool gothic font design

Rahere Roman Display font

Like the enduring British detective Inspector Morse, you’re partial to the finer things in life – a Savile Row bespoke suit, a visit to the opera or a glass of crisp Sauvignon Blanc while reading Vintage Car magazine. Rahere Roman Display is the epitome of everything classical: it’s well-proportioned, timeless and oozes class.

With flared stems and subtle old style features, Rahere Roman Display is an elegant design, influenced by Berthold Wolpe’s wonderful Albertus font and (to a lesser extent) fonts based on Roman square capitals. It’s a classic design for the modern age, appealing to serious typographers, graphic designers and anyone looking for a beautiful, multipurpose font. With a sizeable arsenal of alternative characters and cool ornaments, this font also offers value for money. And because classic style never goes out of fashion, Rahere Roman Display is an infinitely cool font.

#coolfont #classicfont #displayfont #flaredserifs

Rahere Roman Display has flared serifs and is an elegant, well-proportioned super cool font design

ULGA Grid typeface family

Do you love all things 70/80s retro? Films, games or design, then ULGA Grid is a cool font in a Terminator 2 or video arcade kind of way.

ULGA Grid is a family of different but related designs comprising ULGA Grid, ULGA Grid Solid and ULGA Grid Rounded typeface families. All variants are monospaced, sharing the same width as the original ULGA Grid font and character sets match too. There are also patterns and borders that can be mixed up to create interesting patterns. In a really cool way of course.

#coolfont #monowidthfont #displayfont #retrofont

ULGA Grid, ULGA Grid Rounded and ULGA Grid Solid are cool monospaced fonts in a retro Terminator 2 or video arcade kind of way.

Agatized Formal & Informal display fonts

If you’re after a bold display font that’s fun and a bit off the wall, this could be the cool font for you.

Agatized Formal is a chunky stencil typeface with slightly condensed letterforms and tight spacing. Agatized Informal is the same but more casual, rougher round the edges with craggy good looks and a jaunty swagger.

What really makes these fonts so crazy cool is their arsenal of alternative characters and ligatures. They’re peacocks spreading their plumage and strutting around in all their blazing glory. Designed primarily for display use, both fonts are ideal for posters, logos, advertising, book cover designs or small chunks of text such as pull-out quotes.

Agaitized Formal & Informal are cool fonts in a too kool for school kind of way.

#coolfont #stencilfont #displayfont #chunkyfont

Agatized Formal and Informal are chunky, stencil cool display font designs

Steel Grrrder typeface family

Steel yourself for this choice – a cool font family forged from molten metal. A no-nonsense industrial design best categorised as a constructivist sans typeface family. The character shapes are sharp, angular and slightly condensed. Available in upright, oblique and script styles. Steel Grrrder is a rigid, no-frills, no-curves, mega-metallic, cool font family.

#coolfont #industrialfont #displayfont #constructivistscript

Steel Grrrder is an industrial looking, constructivist cool typeface family