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ULGA Type hand lettering, custom fonts & typeface design in the UK

Hello, I'm Michael Gills and I run ULGA Type, a teeny-weeny type design & lettering studio based in the UK. Although I hop between Suffolk and Norfolk, I take on font and lettering commissions from all over the world.

Font design & lettering services

My services cover typeface design, custom font design, lettering, monogram design, logo design and calligraphy. Whether it's a small piece of lettering or a multi-weight family of fonts, every project is lovingly crafted with the same care and attention to detail.

Independent UK type foundry

ULGA Type also doubles up as a type foundry with a modest output of predominantly display fonts including Agatized Formal, Rahere Roman Display, ULGA Grid and Rahere Esoteric. Rahere Sans is a six-weight humanist sans-serif family with corresponding italics.

Bespoke monogram design, based in Suffolk and Norfolk

Monogram design in Suffolk & Norfolk

If you're looking for a unique, high quality monogram design for a logo, wedding, anniversary, tattoo or personal use, check out some of the monogram designs I've created or read my article on designing a monogram.

Rahere Sans typeface

Type design & monogram design articles

I've started writing the occasional article mainly about type design, mixed in with the odd piece about lettering, calligraphy & monogram design. Check out the type-related articles.

Logo design by Michael Gills
Rahere Informal, the latest typeface design from ULGA Type

Latest type design from ULGA Type

Rahere Informal is the latest typeface design from Suffolk/Norfolk-based type designer, Michael Gills. It's a slab semi-serif typeface with a seriously charming personality and a little spring in its step. The family consists of 6 weights & 12 styles and is part of the extended Rahere typeface family, which includes Rahere Sans & Rahere Slab.

Rahere Esoteric, a quasi-roman, gothic display font by Michael Gills

I love ampersands!

I've always enjoyed designing ampersands and some of my display typefaces contain a multitude of them. Rahere Esoteric has seven ampersand designs and Rahere Roman Display contains six ampersands with a monogram-style 'and'.

Hand lettering and calligraphy

Hand lettering & calligraphy in Suffolk & Norfolk

Beautiful hand-crafted calligraphy & lettering in a range of styles to suit any project. Go to lettering & calligraphy