Hello and welcome to ULGA Type

ULGA Type hand lettering, custom fonts & typeface design in Suffolk & Norfolk

Hello, I'm Michael Gills and I run ULGA Type, a teeny-weeny type design & lettering studio based in the UK. Although I hop between Suffolk and Norfolk, I take on font and lettering commissions from all over the world.

Font design & lettering services

My services cover typeface design, custom font design, lettering, monogram design, logo design and calligraphy. Whether it's a small piece of lettering or a multi-weight family of fonts, every project is lovingly crafted with the same care and attention to detail.

Independent UK type foundry

ULGA Type also doubles up as a type foundry with a modest output of predominantly display fonts including Agatized Formal, Rahere Roman Display, ULGA Grid and Rahere Esoteric. Rahere Sans is a six-weight humanist sans-serif family with corresponding italics.

Monogram design Rahere Sans typeface Logo design by Michael Gills
Agatized Informal type design
Hand lettering and calligraphy