ULGA Type is Michael Gills, a freelance graphic designer who loves letters, logo design, monogram design, calligraphy & type design.

I started my career at Letraset in London as a trainee type designer (see type design page for full bio), way back when Hair Metal was in full flow, where I enjoyed seven fruitful years producing and designing text and display fonts as well as typographic ornament and border fonts.

From there I became a print designer in a marketing department. Over the years I've added packaging design, signage, visual identity and then, as technology took hold, digital design (UI, photoshop mockups, HTML, CSS including media queries and HTML emails).

The wheel has now turned full circle and I've returned to my first love: all things fonts, lettering and calligraphy. Unfortunately my hair is now stripped-down acoustic, rather than full-on metal.

Although most of my work is produced digitally, I still consider myself a craftsman and take pride in the quality of my work, approaching every project with the same care and attention to detail, whether it's a small piece of lettering or a multi-weight family of fonts.

My original portfolio website can still be found at and shows some of the work I've done since going freelance in 2012. In the near future I plan to make ULGA Type the main point of contact.

Letraset Type Studio c. 1989
The family at Thrigby Hall in Norfolk.