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Occasional articles mainly about type design, mixed in with the odd piece about lettering, calligraphy & monogram design

Rahere Sans & How Cancer Helped Rekindle My Type Design Mojo

In this article, i explain how going through cancer helped revive my love for type design and defined the naming of my extended typeface family, Rahere.

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Rahere, the inspiration behind the Rahere typeface name

Designing a Monogram

This is an article about designing a bespoke monogram, using a commissioned design as an example to explain the process.

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Designing a bespoke monogram

Rahere Roman Display: My homage to Berthold Wolpe’s Albertus

The story behind Rahere Roman Display font and the considerations when creating a new design that has been influenced by an existing typeface.

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Rahere Roman Display and Albertus