Rahere Sans Typeface Family

Rahere is a humanist sans with subtle features that give the typeface a distinctive, warm appearance without distracting the reader. Legible at large and small sizes, Rahere is a versatile family suitable for a wide range of applications such as annual reports, advertising, brochures, catalogues, information signage, screen text and visual identities. For projects that need to convey a sense of authority or credibility, this is the ideal sans serif to use.

The Rahere Sans family consists of six weights ranging from light to extra bold with corresponding italics and the character set covers most of the major European languages. Each weight contains lining & non-aligning numerals in both proportional & tabular spacing. The tabular numerals share the same width across all weights and styles – a must for financial tables in annual reports.

Spirited and lively, the italic lowercase is more cursive and calligraphic than the roman, but it harmonises perfectly, displaying enough character to create emphasis without looking out of place. When used on its own, for pull-out quotes or poetry, the italic exudes a charm that draws attention to the text.

The typeface is named after Rahere – a 12th-century Anglo-Norman priest – who founded the Priory of the Hospital of St Bartholomew, London in 1123. In 2007 I was successfully treated at Barts for relapsed testicular cancer so, naturally, I am indebted to the doctors, nurses and support staff who work there.

Rahere Sans partial character set Rahere Sans consists of 6 weights and 12 styles