Agatized Formal Typeface

Agatized Formal is a chunky stencil typeface with slightly condensed letterforms and tight spacing. Designed primarily for display use, it's ideal for posters, logos, advertising, book cover designs or small chunks of text such as pull-out quotes.

It exudes authority without taking itself seriously, like a plump jolly uncle in charge of a brass band. Agatized Formal is a big, bold typeface with a charismatic presence that commands attention – in a friendly way, of course.

But what really makes this typeface come alive is its arsenal of alternative characters and ligatures. There is a saying: Use sparingly. Whoa! Not here, no, no, no. Make your Glyphs palette earn its money. Flex your OpenType muscles: get stylized, contextualized, indulge in some ligaddiction. This typeface is a peacock that likes to put on a show, spread its plumage and strut around in all its blazing glory.

Agatized, according to Wiktionary, means: A living thing converted into the form of agate; fossilized. I felt the name suited the solid, almost rock-like letterforms, but most of all I just wanted a typeface name that began with the letter A.

Although Agatized Formal is a single-weight typeface it has a sibling, Agatized Informal, an older, more casual brother, rougher round the edges with craggy good looks and an altogether more jaunty swagger – bit of a wide boy, in fact.

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